Catch My Drift (Feat Clarity)

from by Clayfacer

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This started out as a short loop I made awhile ago (2011 or so), I opened up the project earlier this year and wanted to add onto it because the little loop was just not enough. Once it was finally a full song I asked a friend Clarity if he'd want to collab on this track, the rest just kinda flowed from there and this awesome track was made.

Check out Clarity here:


stumble upon the beat that you bump now
raggedy eddy's back and bet he's bad as they come now
i don't make the crowd jump I steal the show yes I jump crowds
I'ma never calm down, sprinkle that coke in my blunt, pal
oh wow
I'm just that broke child, giggin' it from the north town
swiggin & drinking & chuggin that 40 oz bottle of colt down
Clarity is the name, brand, the whole style
look at me crooked, stare sideways, checkin' my profile
Myer Lansky, Feelin' kinda antsy
you couldn't take a shot at my belt tryna pants me
type of man to rhyme a random word I'm right around the bend
I'm looking to make a dime in my life time but I'm bound to spend
free merch now & then led to a bank account with zip
the irony it was me standin' around handing out my pin
so never say I rap without a win
I'ma grab 'em and stick my ass in their grill
to fart so loud y'all can catch my drift
So If you're still down to hit the town
I gotta bag o' mush and a 5th of crown
come on baby let's go get lifted now
get lifted now get lifted now
So If you're still down to hit the town
I gotta bag o' mush and a 5th of crown
we live to make our own world spin around
spin around get lifted now


from Orbit, released October 11, 2013
Produced by Clayfacer, Vocals provided by Clarity.



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Just a regular dude that likes to make music.

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